Open source

We are public company, opened for customers and partners. We are glad to invite in our researching, distribution and invention process any anthusiast or businessmen.


We are ISO-certified company and more. All our products, each lot before go to the warehouse has been tested with lab and our open testing program participants. As hobbyists we care about our and your perfect pets.


Due we are front manufacturer of OEM chemicals and other saltwater aquarium products we have many ways to make our products more affordable with quality and price. Our warranty terms covers all our products.

About us

But it fits us perfectly. For over 19 years we've been partnering with our clients to build their aquariums, making their products, researching coral reefs in open sea and at lab. And we do it with enthusiasm! We know you don't want to work with a company that doesn't care about your dream or your business, and so we pride ourselves on being a true enthusiastic partner with our customers, instead of just a seller. We want to strategize with you. Our team is always working to stay on the leading edge of the new technologies and science that drive our world. As a company, we continue to evolve into using these technologies so that we can help guide our customers into them too. We're Enthusiast because we love what we create, and we want to create it with you.
We enthusiast hobby people understand perfectly well that there are unexpected situations when water need to be changed VERY fast. We have made it fot us, we share it with you. A new look at the fine milled salt mix dissolution process at our lab led us to the realization of the idea of ​​a two-step process that does not affect the overall rate of dissolution. During the first stage, salt base and the main elements are dissolved in first 20 seconds. During the second stage, trace elements, additives to stabilize pH and bio-fortificants are dissolved in next 20-30 seconds. You gain right pH at 8.2-8.4 within 5 minutes. This speeds up the process before using the water.
In 2010, we have established production in Argentina for greater availability of aquarium products for the Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela countries. Since 2015, we have established production capacity in the CIS to fit hobbyist needs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan. For the local markets we produce cost-effective package, not because our name is new on the market, but to promote the hobby, which in these countries is considered unaffordable for ordinary people. In each country, the participants of our programs become distributors of their brands. As enthusiasts, we want people to know about this hobby more.

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Marinekraft Aktiengesellschaft

Reiner 11str Graz, Osterreich, 38112


Die MK Aktiengesellschaft ist die öffentliche Crowdfunding - Unternehmen, von Enthusiasten aus verschiedenen Ländern im Jahr 1999 gegründet. Bei 2014 sind wir präsent 9 Ländern.

Im Jahr 2015 werden wir unsere Aktivitäten in Russland und der Ukraine im Einzelhandel öffnen. Schwerpunkt der Gruppe ist Meeresbiologieund Aquarien.